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What you should know about insurance and finance.

Welcome to Minor Canon, the beginner’s guide to insurance and other financial products. On this site you will find readily available information on the different insurance programs across some of the major industries in the world.  

Most people do not think of insurance for what it really is: instant cash to cover financial losses. Whether the financial loss was caused by death, theft, or damage, it really doesn’t matter. Insurance in whatever form protects you against debilitating financial losses.  Here is an overview of the most popular insurance programs available in the market today:

Life Insurance

Life insurance basically pays out instant cash for the insured person’s family at the time of his or her death. There are basically three type of life insurance: term life, whole life, and investment life.
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Entertainment Production Insurance

This type of insurance is basically an all-risk insurance program for film and other entertainment productions. Aside from covering short to annual films, entertainment insurance can also be taken out to cover over 200 types of special events. These include festivals and tradeshows, concerts, conferences, sporting events, among others.
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Jewelry Insurance

This is a special type of insurance whereby your jewelry piece is insured. It replaces the jewelry items in case they are lost or stolen.

Premium Financing

Strictly speaking, this is not an insurance program but a financing program for high net worth individuals to take out a large sum of life insurance policy without having to pay large premiums.  

If you have any questions about insurance, please have a look at the pages of our website. Our guarantee is that you will only find the most definitive information available on the different types of insurance programs mentioned above.

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